Ouvert tous les jours de 8h à 18h info@heures-saines.gp 0 590 988 663

Ouvert tous les jours de 8h à 18h Open every day from 8am to 6pm info@heures-saines.gp 0 590 988 663

Diving on the Sec Paté


CAUTION : Occasional outing and only on reservation, minimum 20 people !

Morning : the Sec Paté

In the middle of the Saintes channel, a dry area composed of three rocky and coral peaks culminates at 17 meters on a bottom of several hundred meters.

For this dive, the minimum PE 40 is required and we ask you to do at least one deep dive (40m) with us before diving on the Sec Pâté.

Lunch : a meal is served on board the boat

Before heading back to the site for the second dive, we take the time to take a break during the navigation to enjoy a good meal served on board the boat and prepared by a restaurant owner.
When you book your day, you have the choice between meat, fish or vegetarian. 

Afternoon : a dive along the windward coast on the way back

After the lunch break, once the dessert is taken, the boat starts sailing again to reach the second dive site. It is chosen to be accessible to all levels of divers. 

Course of events

Meet at the center at 7:30 am for an 8:00 am departure7:30 am
Arrival at the Vieux Fort lighthouse11:00 am
Preparation of the dive on the Sec Pâté (briefing + equipment preparation)11:00 am
Diving on the Sec Pâté11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Return to the Côte-sous-le-Vent to eat1:00 pm
Departure for a 2nd dive accessible to all2:00 pm
Arrival at the second dive site2:30 pm
Second dive3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Arrival at Malendure5:30 pm

Diving spots


The Sec Paté

You will be able to see black gorgonians, royal angelfish, turtles, green morays in an environment of drop offs, faults, chimneys...

A dream dive that will not leave you indifferent, since it is reputed to be one of the most beautiful dives of the French West Indies.

Centre de plongée Les Heures Saines

« Les Heures Saines« , centre de plongée situé à Pigeon, près de la plage de Malendure, sur la commune de Bouillante en Guadeloupe, en face des Ilets Pigeon et de la réserve Cousteau, vous propose :
apnée, randonnée palmée, baptême de plongée, plongée exploration, plongée sur épaves ou plongée de nuit, formation, …

Informations pratiques

Ouvert tous les jours de 8h à 18h

Téléphone : 0590 988 663
Portable : 0690 905 933
Mail : info@heures-saines.gp

Adresse : Rocher de Malendure – Pigeon

« Les Heures Saines » diving center

« Les Heures Saines », a diving center located in Pigeon, near the beach of Malendure, in the town of Bouillante in Guadeloupe, in front of the Pigeon Island and the Cousteau reserve, offers: freediving, snorkeling, first dive, fun dives, wreck diving or night dives, training, …

Useful information

Open everyday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Phone: (+590) 590 988 663
Mobile: (+590) 690 905 933
Mail: info@heures-saines.gp

Rocher de Malendure – Pigeon